I started wearing Adam Lippes’ genius clothing ten years ago when he first launched his eponymous brand and I wore much of it to the office. Everyone I worked with at ABC News and Newsweek remains in my circle of best friends today. We were working fourteen hours a day, but we wanted to look professional and comfortable. I remember going to Adam’s first show room with a bunch of my colleagues. We felt very cool and exclusive having been invited to a designer’s elegant show room. Once we were let in, we acted like those crazy people behave on the Friday after Thanksgiving at Best Buy. We grabbed t-shirts, long sleeve henleys, down vests, down jackets. Adam I think gave us all a special price as he could tell we weren’t exactly investment banker associates by our look or our behavior. His clothes became so popular that he was even on Oprah.

Funny thing is this: I still have those clothes ten years later front and center in my closet. He tells me that first line showed “a new approach to classic American sportswear in a fresh, polished and feminine collection.” I still wear that satin down vest and that silver jacket to this day. In fact, my seventeen-year-old daughter fights me over it all the time.

Adam launched a new line last year:

Holly_Peterson_adam_sweaterThe wool sweater I bought last year and first wore to a tailgate party on one of the delicious cold-and-warm-at-the-same-time September days…I think I grabbed it about, oh, a hundred times this freezing winter. We always adore our favorite sweater that makes us warm and chic when winter rages around us.

Adam is still designing the best t-shirts you will ever find. They are made of a super luxe Pima cotton. The fit is slim and tailored and Adam refers to them as the t-shirt that can take you anywhere. The finishing, vented sides and bottom hem are all part of the refinement.

Just last year, the new Adam Lippes brand made its debut and he is already in seventy stores worldwide. Launched to critical acclaim, the core of the collection is understated and luxurious designer sportswear, anchored in refined fabrics and impeccable tailoring. I went to his showroom last week to order some clothes. He is most excited about the pieces made from 100 year old vintage denim from North Africa.


He told me last week his customers are most excited about having a new collection of clothes “that doesn’t wear them, it’s not costumes. It’s all about beautiful clothes and fabrics that they look good and feel good in. My clothes are genuine clothes.”

I asked him why people fight over his t-shirts like those crazy Best Buy people and why they would do anything to have more. “The t-shirt is the foundation of everything. I started with the t-shirts. I didn’t make them for a year and people got really mad. It’s back. It’s exciting. We do our own cotton and we do our own wash with the cotton. They last forever.”

I want my readers to be happy and comfortable. That’s why I’m offering you all a very special giveaway of three of Adam’s best t-shirts along with a signed copy of my new novel, THE IDEA OF HIM. I like the “idea” of you all discovering his amazing line.