I love introducing people to new people they don’t know. I do it obsessively and I always find myself saying, “you have to meet so-and-so, I can’t believe you haven’t met so-and-so, how can that be?!” Everyday in Manhattan we meet people seeking their dreams because so many industries are based here: fashion, beauty, art and museums, Broadway, publishing, law, banking, advertising, and media…to name a few. It’s a gift to keep meeting new, exciting people that either run this city or simply work in companies that are growing here.

Setting people up is something I love to do for romance, professional connections, or just friendships that have to be. I find sometimes women are protective of their friendships and don’t share them…I love it when my friends become friends, I feel a sense of accomplishment…doesn’t mean they can go out to brunch too many times and not invite me (!), but a few times makes me happy.

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Nathalie Kaplan, did me the favor last month of introducing me to Mathilde Thomas, who owns Caudalie cosmetics with her husband, Bertrand.


French women can be intimidating and cold, but Mathilde is as warm as a country fire on a cold, snowy night. She’s got French flair (the accent doesn’t hurt), that natural sense of casual style that is her nation’s birthright…(remember that book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”?), I could write an entire tome entitled, “French Women Don’t Wear Lulu Lemon Yoga Pants and Uggs to Lunch and Think that’s an Outfit.”

I went to Mathilde’s store on Lexington Avenue in NYC and was treated to creams and oils and a mini-facial that had me glowing all day. Mathilde is funny and smart and very American in her warmth and openness and excitement about connecting with people.

I asked her why she named her brand, Caudalie, pronounced kô-da-lee. She told me the term is a measurement of quality that quantifies the duration of a wine’s flavor on the palette: meaning, the finer a wine is, the more Caudalie’s it will have.

Mathilde and her husband had the idea for their brands in 1993 in the Bordeaux region of France among the vines on the family owned vineyard, the Château Smith Haut Lafitte. There – during the grape harvest – they learned from a medical expert that the leftover grape skins and seeds from the harvest had extraordinary anti-oxidant power. It was from this knowledge that Caudalie was created.

I bought a lot of creams that day we met. Elixirs, oils, and a special face cream called Premier Cru, La Crème.

The oils for the whole body are much appreciated and made mine glisten…especially after a long winter when my legs haven’t seen sun in months and look more scary than lovely.

Speaking of lovely, that’s how I find my new pal Mathilde who is a foreigner to our land, but so much like American women in every state in this country. And, so much like Allie, the main character in my new novel, The Idea of Him. Like us, Mathilde is mothering as best she can, too busy at work to pee, trying to put out 100 fires at once, but still has the grace to look a woman she never met in the eye and take the time to share some ideas and personal news and find that instant connection that is so satisfying.

Mathilde Thomas and I decided partner to create a Caudalie giveaway of Premier Cru, La Crème and Eau De Beauté, Beauty Elixir, two of my favorite products along with a signed copy of my latest novel, THE IDEA OF HIM.