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Caudalíe Giveaway

I am offering my readers a very special giveaway with my friend Mathilde Thomas who, along with her husband Bertrand, is the founder of Caudalie cosmetics.

Caudalíe, pronounced kô-da-lee, is a term is a measurement of quality that quantifies the duration of a wine’s flavor on the palette: meaning, the finer a wine is, the more Caudalíe’s it will have.  Caudalie has partnered with me to create a giveaway of Premier Cru, La Crème and Eau De Beauté, Beauty Elixir, two of my favorite products along with a signed copy of my latest novel, THE IDEA OF HIM.

Enter today, why not give it a try?



Mathilde Thomas and I decided partner to create a Caudalie giveaway of Premier Cru, La Crème and Eau De Beauté, Beauty Elixir, two of my favorite products along with a signed copy of my latest novel, THE IDEA OF HIM.

The creams will be a wonderful enhancement to your springtime glow.


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So many of us fall for the “idea” of someone only to realize too late that the relationship started more as an attraction to the idea than to the reality of the person across the table from us.  If you’ve ever found yourself in this love life situation (who hasn’t?) and you like fast-paced social satire jam-packed with action, I think you might enjoy my book available to order here.

The Idea Of Him“The Idea of Him is a coming-of-age book for grown ups. It’s fast-paced and intriguing, glamorous and real— not only a great, great read but a tutorial in how to be your own best friend.”— Elin HIlderbrand, author of BEAUTIFUL DAY

“Holly Peterson has written a gripping, sophisticated story of high life suspense that kept me riveted till I’d finished.  The Idea of Him is hugely enjoyable and vividly satisfying.”–Tina Brown of Tina Brown Live Media

“Holly Peterson’s THE IDEA OF HIM is the perfect novel if you want to plunge into great dialogue, a twisting and unexpected plot, shady Wall Street schemes, betrayal, girl friends.. and sex.  It is unputdownable.”–Lesley Stahl, CBS News 60 Minutes Anchor –

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  1. I just entered the giveaway Holly! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to get a copy of your book and to try Caudalie products. All the best to you…

  2. This looks like a really good read! I’ll have to put it on my summer reading list though, as I’ve got a really long list of things to read for school this semester. Thanks for this opp!

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