As summer wraps up, I find I’m wildly planning beach barbecue and s’mores camp outs with my kids, grilling corn and lobsters at home, and getting into the Atlantic Ocean to surf whenever I can.


I find these last weeks before school starts a little melancholy…mixed with a little excitement the pops up from time to time to move into another season. I wrote a piece for Beach magazine last summer that I think very well depicts how many of us feel right now as we cherish every summer sunset.

And this summer, for the same magazine, I wrote again about my Hamptons summer home and style that you can read below. It’s all about who gets the style memo and why and how. I find I can know what I like, but I don’t have that very special eye that some of my very artistic, aesthetic-minded friends have that leads them to be creative artists and designers…and be able to throw any outfit together and look like those chic French girls who wear their jeans and t-shirts in a way I’ve always tried to imitate…but never remotely succeeded in copying!!!

While we are jam-packing activities that are unique to summer into our days, I also find I’m grabbing that special flow-y halter top with a photograph of the ocean imprinted into the silk, or that strappy, white crochet dress, or those hippie sandles that don’t look good after Labor Day. It’s the last time I can wear any of these clothes until next summer and I’m relishing how they feel against my skin.

There’s an old friend who helps me feel a little more put together, (sexier even?), probably more than any single woman I know and her name is Jennifer Miller. She’s got a few stores in the Hamptons and New York City packed with fine and faux jewelry and accessories that are well priced by New York standards and make any outfit sing and stand out a ton more than it would on its own.

Here’s her website

I often covet the jewelry in Barney’s and find it’s astromonically expensive and never indulge in it…when I go into Jennifer Miller, I often joke with her as I’m making hard decisions on what I need/what and say, “Can I just have one of everything?”

Jennifer’s got dangle earrings sized small to huge, travel jewelry like little diamond hoops I wear all the time, fantastic and unique purses and wraps. She caters to the every woman but also to New York’s fanciest ladies and celebrities who have huge jewelry collections of their own but covet something special or something faux to travel with.

Some of her jewelry is very bohemian, some is more bulky-Bulgari, some more Southampton prepster but still cool. All of it is created by Jennifer and the over 400 designers she works with.

I really adore Jennifer and I adore her store and that’s why I wanted to share her goods with you. I only write about artists and designs I wear and I have collected dozens of Jennifer’s special pieces over the years that I reach for constantly.

I decided this week, as the end of summer approaches, that I’d create a giveaway of my novel, THE IDEA OF HIM, as well as a pair of Kendra Scott blue azure earrings that Jennifer and I picked out together. We hope you win and enjoy them! Or, just visit one of her stores in New York City, Southampton, or East Hampton this week and the first fifty people will receive a signed complementary copy of my book.


Jennifer Miller Jewelery & The Idea Of Him Giveaway
Giveaways allow me to share my novel with others who enjoy books filled with sexy intrigue and action. This giveaway includes a signed copy of The Idea Of Him plus a special pair of Jennifer Miller azure blue earrings to celebrate the changing of seasons ahead.


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